Frequently Asked Questions

A camera ready brief is one which we will not change, alter or edit your text. This type of brief is sent to us as a PDF file that is already formatted in compliance with the Supreme Court Rules. A brief which needs typesetting, is sent to us in its native form (Word or Word Perfect), and Wilson Epes Printing will take care of the formatting, ensuring that the document conforms to the Rules of the Supreme Court.

Generally we can print and file your camera ready briefs the same day. Briefs which contain a large appendix, we may like to have a day before.

We ask for at least 1 week prior to filing for appendix material. We will take these files as they become available. Upon compiling all the different parts, we can always re-order as needed. Petitions, amicus, Reply and all other brief matter, we ask for 48 hours prior to filing.

Most proofs are sent via email as a PDF file. You will have the opportunity to mark your edits on the proof. You may then email us your edited page or fax them to us at 202-842-4896.

With the increase in Expedited Filings, please call to schedule. We generally are accommodating the printing of briefs one day prior to the filing date to ensure filing by HAND Timely.

Yes, we will HAND File your briefs, Certificate of Service, Certificate of Compliance, Consent letters, and filing fees (if applicable) all by HAND with the Supreme Court.

Please refer to Rule 14.1(i)

Your main Table of Contents should include the items contained in your appendix. See rule 14.1(c)

Wilson Epes Printing will explicitly follow instructions as stated in the Certificate of Service. If we are to electronically serve the Court and parties, please have this clearly stated in the Certificate of Service.

For Camera-Ready briefs, a PDF is always preferred. For jobs requiring typesetting, PDF files will work. If the native Word/Word Perfect file is available, we would like those files too.

40 copies of your brief will be filed with the court. Each service party is required to be served 3 copies. Additional copies for yourself and firm needs/distribution. 50 is the minimum press run.

Please send us a check in the amount of $300, made payable to the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court. We will file your filing fee by Hand.

JUST CALL US! We have served the Legal Community for over 75 years. We will handle your situation with compassion and solutions.

"I just wanted to thank you for pulling out all the stops yesterday and turning around my cert opp in just a couple of hours. I really appreciate your great service and excellent work. Having you guys available to help makes my job so much easier and more pleasant. I’m very grateful."
—Christopher Landau, Partner and Head of Appellate Practice, Kirkland & Ellis LLP